Authors:Vernon E. Jordan Jr., Annette Gordon-Reed,
Publisher: Basic Civitas Book
Keywords: memoir, read, vernon
Number of Pages: 343
Published: 2002-12-18
List price: $16.00
ISBN-10: 046503697X
ISBN-13: 9780465036974

From the civil rights revolution to the halls of power, the life story of a truly larger-than-life figure, Vernon E. Jordan, Jr. A number-one Washington Post bestseller, this memoir is the unforgettable story of a life and its times. As a student in Atlanta, Vernon Jordan had a summer job driving a white banker around town. During the man’s afternoon naps, Jordan passed the time reading books, a fact that astounded his boss. "Vernon can read!" the man exclaimed to his relatives. Nearly fifty years later, Vernon Jordan, long-time civil rights leader, adviser and close friend to presidents

Authors:Vernon McGee, J. Vernon McGee,
Publisher: Nelsonword Publishing Group
Keywords: genesis, commentary, bible, thru
Published: 1991-12
List price: unknow
ISBN-10: 0840732538
ISBN-13: 9780840732538

Authors:Vernon H. Mark M.D., Jeffrey P. Mark M.D., Vernon
Publisher: Mariner Book
Keywords: memory, featuring, latest, treaments, preserving, research, regaining, loss, proven, methods, reversing, stengthening
Number of Pages: 352
Published: 2000-02-18
List price: $14.95
ISBN-10: 039594452X
ISBN-13: 9780395944523

Written with warmth and clarity, this book belongs in the hands of anyone who has agonized over an aging friend or relative or worries about his own capacity to remember. No physical problem is as destructive or frightening as the loss of memory. Stress, pain, depression, overmedication, stroke, or Alzheimer’s disease -- these are just some of the causes. In this fully revised and updated book, an internationally known neurosurgeon and researcher at Massachusetts General Hospital outlines the latest treatments that help reverse memory loss: New forms of memory recently discovered by rese

Author: DBC Pierre
Publisher: Harvest Book
Keywords: little, god, vernon
Number of Pages: 300
Published: 2004-06-15
List price: $13.00
ISBN-10: 0156029987
ISBN-13: 9780156029988

The surprise winner of the 2003 Man Booker Prize, DBC Pierre’s debut novel, Vernon God Little, makes few apologies in its darkly comedic portrait of Martirio, Texas, a town reeling in the aftermath of a horrific school shooting. Fifteen-year-old Vernon Little narrates the first-person story with a cynical twang and a four-letter barb for each of his diet-obsessed townsfolk. His mother, endlessly awaiting the delivery of a new refrigerator, seems to exist only to twist an emotional knife in his back; her friend, Palmyra, structures her life around the next meal at the Bar-B-Chew Barn; off

Author: Orville Vernon Burto
Publisher: Hill and Wang
Keywords: lincoln
Number of Pages: 432
Published: 2008-07-08
List price: $15.00
ISBN-10: 0809023857
ISBN-13: 9780809023851

Stunning in its breadth and conclusions, The Age of Lincoln is a fiercely original history of the five decades that pivoted around the presidency of Abraham Lincoln. Abolishing slavery, the ages most extraordinary accomplishment, was not its most profound. The enduring legacy of the age of Lincoln was inscribing personal liberty into the nations millennial aspirations. America has always perceived providence in its progress, but in the 1840s and 1850s pessimism accompanied marked extremism, as Millerites predicted the Second Coming, utopianists planned perfection, Southerners made slavery an

Author: Vernon Stauffer
Publisher: BiblioBazaar
Keywords: illuminati, bavarian, england, new
Number of Pages: 392
Published: 2009-11-25
List price: $25.99
ISBN-10: 1117524736
ISBN-13: 9781117524733

Originally published in 1918. This volume from the Cornell University Library’s print collections was scanned on an APT BookScan and converted to JPG 2000 format by Kirtas Technologies. All titles scanned cover to cover and pages may include marks notations and other marginalia present in the original volume.

Authors:Ron H. Vernon, Geoffrey Clarke,
Publisher: Cambridge University Pre
Keywords: petrology, metamorphic, principles
Number of Pages: 460
Published: 2008-04-07
List price: $63.00
ISBN-10: 0521871786
ISBN-13: 9780521871785

Principles of Metamorphic Petrology provides a modern introduction to the latest ideas, techniques and approaches in the study of metamorphic rocks. The book begins with basic concepts, but advances further than most other metamorphic petrology texts. Examples of this include the latest chemographic approaches, the correct use of pseudosections and the application of x-ray compositional mapping to metamorphic problems. It also covers recent advances in thermobarometry and the application of modern geochronological techniques to the absolute timing of tectonometamorphic events. Determination of
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